How John Created the Ezekiel-Isaiah Draft

The Ezekiel-Isaiah draft was a simple parallel comprising two columns of wax tablets based upon common content found within Ezekiel and Isaiah. The Ezekiel column of wax tablets is one of judgment against a rebellious people and how God dealt with them with the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. The Isaiah column of wax tablets tells the story of Israel’s redemption through a new holy seed, Jesus, from being a child born to the slaying of the great dragon.

Ezekiel Side Isaiah Side
Ezekiel Introduced (Ezek 1:1-3)

EP1 Ezekiel's Expeirience in Heaven

  • God on the throne (Ezek 1:26-2:2).
  • The living creatures (Ezek 1:4-26).
  • The scroll sweet to the mouth (Ezek 2:8 - 3:3).

IP1 Isaiah's Expeirience in Heaven

  • God on the throne (Isa 6:1).
  • The seraphim (Isa 6:2-7).
  • The altar that removes iniquity when touched to the lips (Isa 6:6-7).

EP2 Ezekiel's Mission

  • Gods do not hear or understand (Ezek 3:4-7).
  • Say “Thus says the Lord” (Ezek 2:4; 3:27).

IP2 Isaiah's Mission

  • God’s people do not hear or understand ( Isa 6:9-10).
  • “Go, and tell this people” (Isa 6:9).

EP3 Ezekiel Appointed as a Watchman

  • God’s people are like briers, thorns and scorpions (Ezek 2:6), God hardens Ezekiel’s head (Ezek 3:8-9).
  • Ezekiel appointed as a watchman (Ezek 3:16-27).
  • End of three ministries and its relation to the siege of Jerusalem (Ezek 4:5-8).

IP3 The New Seed (Jesus the Child)

  • When a tenth of the city is burned God will raise up a new holy seed (Isa 6:10-13).
  • The sign of a woman with child (Isa 7:14-6 ).
  • Three phases of the child’s life is connected to the destruction of Jerusalem (Isa 7:14 - 10:34).

EP4 The Judgments by the Nations

  • The nations will strike in thirds (Ezek 5:2).
  • God’s people give evil decrees (Ezek 5:6-10).
  • The day of the Lord (Ezek 7:7) where God will destroy those without the mark of God on their forehead (Ezek 9:1-11).

IP4 The Judgments by Jesus

  • Jesus will strike in thirds (Ezek 5:16-7).
  • God’s people receive evil decrees (Isa 10:1-19).
  • The day of the Lord (Isa 13:9) where God will darken the sky (Isa 13:10; Ezek 32:7-10).

EP5 The Glory of God Flees Jerusalem

  • Babylon comes, the glory of God flees (Ezek 10:1- 22).
  • Israel at war with nations (Ezek 11:1-13).
  • The Israelites are taken to all nations (Ezek 11:16 - 12:28).

IP5 The Glory of God Triumphs in Heaven (Jesus the True Morning Star)

  • The glory of God triumphs in heaven (Isa 14:1- 12).
  • The nations are at peace (Isa 14:18).
  • The remnants of Israel return (Isa 14:32).

EP6 Jerusalem the Mother of God’s Children

  • The harlot wears expensive clothing (Ezek 16:10-1).
  • The harlot kills God’s children (Ezek 16:20).
  • The harlot is the mother of God’s children (Ezek 16:20).

IP6 Jesus as Eliakim the Father of God’s Children

  • Eliakim wears expensive clothing (Isa 22: 21).
  • Eliakim saves God’s children (Isa 22:21).
  • Eliakim is the father of God’s children (Isa 22:21).

EP7 Tyre

  • Wealth from trading with other nations (Ezek 27:12-22).
  • Their riches became what ruined them (Ezek 27:27).
  • Merchants lamenting, Tyre’s destruction (Ezek 27:27-28:2).

IP7 Tyre (Jesus, a Certain King)

  • Wealth from trading with other nations (Isa 23:1-17).
  • Post-destruction’s wealth will be righteousness (Isa 23:18).
  • Saints rejoicing over Tyre’s destruction (Isa 25:1-6).

EP8 The Slaying of the Great Dragon

  • With a sword (Ezek 29:8).
  • The great dragon finds comfort in his army (Ezek 32:31).

IP8 Jesus Slays the Great Dragon

  • The rod of his mouth (Isa 11:4), a great sword (Isa 27:1).
  • Jesus musters his army from the whole world (Isa 11:10-6).

EP9 Jerusalem Attacked by Gog and Magog

  • Nations come from the north to destroy Jerusalem and God destroys the nations (Ezek 38:1 - 39:29).

IP9 Jerusalem Attacked by a Multitude of Nations

  • Nations come from all over the world to destroy Jerusalem and God destroys the nations (Isa 29:1-21).

EP10 The City of God

  • Jerusalem will be a city that God and the righteous will live in (Ezek 40:1 - 48:35).

IP10 The Holy City of Jerusalem

  • Various descriptions of the Holy City of Jerusalem scattered throughout Isaiah.